We, the Rocket-Chain Group, have decided to found an independend non-profit organization as an institute, which provides development projects of various kinds to its members.

The first project the institute dedicates itself, is the installation of a compensation fund for members, who have suffered financial damage by the Optioment BitcoinTrading.
All concerned persons and organizations are called to take part in the project by becoming a supporting member of the RCIID. The recording of the individual Euro compensation amount at the time of the investment into Optioment can be done via the members user-account on this website.
New members for this project can be accepted again, as the evaluations of the first submissions are now finished. Starting from now registering as a supporting member is possible for the full annual membership fee.

Our institute will provide further non-profit projects for all supporting members and will dedicate itself to the sponsorship of the individual human rights of each member.