This Crypto-Paymentinterface is provided by the official Provider “gourl.io“. A lot of sites use it and everywhere it looks the same. It seems that also the old Optioment-Website was using this open-source payment-interface.

This error-message “Dieser Inhalt ist nur für RCIID – Mitgliedschaft Mitglieder.” is mostly displayed, when you register and directly click on “View Your Membership Account →” without sending a payment with the above shown Crypto-Payment-Interface. You may be registered in this case but you are no supporting member.

It also can be this case, that you do not wait until the green check-sign is shown, when you send your Bitcoins and/or do not click on “Click here, if you already sent Bitcoins”.

In the first case please register again with a new username and new emailadress and really pay the membership-fee.

In the second case please write a Support-Ticket containing a screenshot of the wallet-payment and your username.

This also accounts for the improbable case, that you did everything correctly (payment, waiting for green check-sign and then clicking on “Click here, if you already sent Bitcoins”), but you still geht the “Dieser Inhalt ist nur für RCIID – Mitgliedschaft Mitglieder.” – Message, when trying to open the compensation-fund dataentry-page.

As our specialist for organizations law made clear to us, only a supportive member is entitled to get benefits out of a supportive organization. And a supportive member is someone, who supports the organization with a member-fee even if it is a small one.

No. Each member-account needs an unique emailadress.

No. The only thing, which is important is, that you use your correct first- and last name, because you need to register with your true name as a club member.

The only location, where you must use your Optioment username and email is the Optioment-Dataentry Form, which is available in your member-area after you made your member-registration.

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