Statute (foundation agreement) of the

Rocket-Chain Institute of International Development


Name and Seat

The Institute bears the name Rocket-Chain Institute of International
Development for Human Rights (RCIID) and has its seat in Vienna. The field of activity is not geographically limited.



The RCIID realizes projects for its members, which can be described as follows:

  • The forming and financing of a community with the principles of solidarity, effective activity in favour of the individual victim of OPTIOMENT and other, the universality and indivisibility of Human Rights as well as democracy and mutual respect. In general the RCIID has committed itself to prevent the harming of these rights or disclose and terminate them by investigative work and other activities.
  • Fighting poverty and misery in Austria and countries, which are named in the list of the development assistance committee of the OECD (DAC), by promoting the economic and social development, which should lead to a process of sustainable economic activity and growth in connection with structural and social change. (compare VereinsR 2001, RZ 28f and demonstrative summary in RZ 82 bis Rz 94).
  • The project/programm also aims to achieve assistance in national or international disasters.


Benefit to the Public and Humanitarian Charitableness

The RCIID is not profit-based and solely and directly pursues objectives of public benefit as laid down in §§ 34 ff of the Bundesabgabenordnung (BAO). Because of its commitment to aid human beings, who became victims of breaches of Human Rights or are threatened by such, the RCIID is charitable as laid down in § 37 BAO. Earnings must only be used for statutory purposes.



The RCIID is not politically and economically bound. Its activities are committed to freedom, education and unrestricted formation of opinion.



The RCIID only processes and uses private data of its members within the context of its tasks. It will be ensured by appropriate and organisational measures, that there is and will be no unauthorised access by third parties. The RCIID has got a data protection officer.